Cancun - Nov 2005
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Hurricane Wilma made landfall the weekend of Oct 21, 2005 just south of Cancún, Mexico.  Traveling slowly along at approximately 5 mph with sustained winds of 140 mph (category 4), Wilma pounded the Yucatan Peninsula for over two days.  We were scheduled to fly down on Nov 5th.  Even if our resort was somehow operational, Rita and I had concerns about becoming a tourist burden in an area that would be struggling to recover.  Resort personnel quickly reassured us that Cancun needs tourism to keep it's economy moving and assist in funding the recovery.  So off we went with no idea what to expect...

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    Wilma's Path           Oct 20th, Wilma's      Oct 21st, the eye      Our traditional       Royal Resorts
     through the              Eye approaches        makes landfall just    toast to Mexico     Welcome Banner
     Caribbean                    Cozumel                south of Cancún         at the Cancún        in front of the
                                                                                                       Airport         Royal Sands Resort
View from our balcony     The Royal Sands Resort weathered the storm        But the beach was a
  Leafs missing from       amazingly well with no structural damage.  A       different story.  Here
palms and some minor       credit to architectural planning and solid            is the beach before
damage to the roof of                            construction                                  Hurricane Wilma ...
 the Palapa Pool Bar
  ... Here is the same beach after Hurricane        All the hotels along       Every plant and tree had
Wilma.  The sand was literally washed several     this stretch of the       been stripped of vegetation
hundreds yards into the ocean.  The good news?   hotel zone lost their    by the hurricane.  But when
 Nature is already washing the sand back to               beaches.                we arrived 10 days later,
  shore.  As of this writing there is already                                          Mother Nature was already
  a beach and Mexico has hired a dredging                                                      bouncing back.
company to speed up the process in January.
Sunrise over paradise       The Dock at VCI           No complaints from this       Gliding above the Caribbean
                                     was too damaged for          Pelican who was quite              looking for a meal of
                                     visitors, but became        pleased with his private                   fresh fish
                                      a haven for birds                        perch
 With the beach at the     Isla Mujeres in the distance.    There is nothing as
 Royal Sands damaged,     Ferry service to the island     relaxing as lying on the
 we used the VCI beach    was still suspended pending     beach listening to the
 at the other end of the            dock repairs.                           surf!
       Hotel Zone.
   Iguana sunning himself         Rita with Dive Guide     Dive platform entrance   Water in the cenote is
 and keeping an eye on us       We decided to do some    to "Dos Ojos" which        crystal clear.  Those
                                              cave diving at Dos         translates to "Two         rocks are in 20 feet
                                                  Ojos Cenote               Eyes" in English                    of water
   Scuba diving through the formations is almost a             I really liked the          Jungle Cat!  Serious.
 surreal experience.  You feel like you are floating        changing huts.  Kind of     We're in the middle
             through a different world                                like Gilligan's Island         of jungle and this
                                                                                                                        little cat just comes
                                                                                                                              walking out.
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